Dear Dr. Trattner,

Without any question, the absolutely best, most pleasant, smoothest, cleanest, comfortable and professionally handled dental procedure I have ever experienced.


Dear Dr. Cohen:

The purpose of this letter is to commend you and your staff for the exceptional service that you provided to me regarding my endodontic needs. You and your firm made it as pleasurable an experience as possible, and for this I am tremendously appreciative.


Dr. Trattner and Mary Kaye,

Never thought I would be writing to a dentist and an assistant- but I have to tell you both, I came back to my office, no problems and still none. I was raving to my employees about your office and that the procedure was such a breeze - I could do that daily. (OK maybe not daily) I was so pleasantly surprised – still not sure what all the hype is about root canals, they’re easy!


Dr. Cohen,

Thank you for the considerate and caring manner that you and your staff provided during my visit to your office. It was extremely refreshing to be given an honest, open, and caring consult concerning my tooth problem.


Dear Dr. Trattner and Staff,

Each and everyone in your office has a very sensitive way of making a “painful situation” all better.


Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff,

Thanks for making an unpleasant situation almost fun. It makes a huge difference being treated in an atmosphere of congeniality as well as superb competence.


Dear Dr. Trattner,

I must admit the procedure was painless. I can see why you were voted “top dentist” in Baltimore. You are an asset to your profession. Your staff is extremely helpful, pleasant and made me feel very comfortable.


Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done and to let you know that you have the friendliest office I have ever been to.